Being a parent can be exquisitely rewarding, but even under the best circumstances, it can also be the most difficult job imaginable. And, it's an ever-changing, unpredictable, 24/7 job that can challenge the patience and competence of anyone. It's a job that can cause a parent to experience the full spectrum of emotion, even within the course of a single day. 

Even loving, patient, educated and devoted parents can feel uncertain about how to handle all the different challenges that accompany parenthood. There are innumerable parenting books available, but they frequently contradict each other. Parents often receive tons of both solicited and unsolicited advice from family members, friends, doctors and even strangers. But, since that advice is often contradictory, it can add to the confusion and create uncertainty and insecurity. Turning Point Life Coaching can help.


We help parents to get clearer on their own goals for parenting, and empower them to integrate their knowledge and inner wisdom in pursuit of those goals. We help parents to become more effective and self-confident, as they determine the ways they want to approach the daily decision-making that's part of being a parent.

And, since children are ever-changing, parents need to be able to manage and respond to those changes. Turning Point Life Coaching helps parents to go beyond the specific issues of the day, create a clearer vision of how they want to parent, and become the parents they want to be.   


As  children grow into adulthood, yet another phase in the parent-child relationship emerges. Although the parent-child connection remains the same in many ways, many aspects of the relationship begin to change. Establishing a reciprocal relationship with an adult child can sometimes prove to be an unexpected challenge. Turning Point Life Coaching can help parents create a rewarding and fulfilling lifelong connection with their adult children. 


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