Many women who have been successfully treated for breast cancer find that they have been affected by the experience in ways they didn't  anticipate. They may be surprised to find that their feelings, perspectives, ideas, values, interests  and/or goals have changed in significant ways. Having breast cancer and going through treatment is a very intense, life-altering experience for  most women, even when the treatment outcome is positive. During the period between diagnosis and the end of treatment, the focus is largely on coping with and fighting the cancer, and on coping with treatment itself. When treatment is done, some women feel confused about what's  important to them now, how to refocus, and how to move forward.  

If you have recently completed treatment for breast cancer, you may find yourself asking many questions, such as:  

  • How have I changed?  
  • What have I learned about myself, and what's important to me now?  
  • How can I grow from this experience?  
  • How can I spend my time in meaningful ways?  
  • What kind of lifestyle changes do I want to make in order to stay as healthy as I can?  
  • What kinds of social support will be helpful for me to have now?  
  • How do I live well in the face of uncertainty?

If  you have finished treatment for breast cancer, and you want to explore who you are now, how you have changed, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, Turning Point Life Coaching can support and guide you as you move forward with your life. To learn more about how Turning Point Life Coaching can help you after breast cancer treatment, complete the form on the contact page to arrange for a complimentary coaching consultation.    

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