Midlife is frequently a time when people review what they've accomplished or missed in their life, and it is also a time when they reevaluate their life goals and priorities. What used to be referred to as 'midlife  crisis' is now considered, by most experts, to simply be a normal life  transition. It is now viewed as one developmental transition among many -  one that happens to occur during the "midlife" years, or somewhere between the age of 37 and the late 50s. The onset of a 'midlife crisis'  or 'midlife re-evaluation,' often corresponds to a significant life change, such as children leaving home, the death of a parent, a birthday that signals the next decade in a person's life, and so on. The midlife transition can become a crisis or an opportunity, depending on the corresponding life events, the presence or absence of support from loved  ones, and most importantly, the perspective and response of the individual in this transition. 

All of the pages in the life transitions section involve situations and events that can trigger crisis and/or opportunity at any stage of life, including the midlife stage. People who are experiencing a significant life transition during the midlife years are frequently described as being in a 'midlife crisis,' but contextual factors such as divorce, empty nest, etc., may actually be more prominent in provoking this transitional period. There are a few transitions that tend to occur primarily during the midlife years, such as empty nest, but most types of transition can occur at any time of life (e.g. divorce, death of a parent, etc.), or tend to occur either earlier (e.g. getting married or having children) or later in life (e.g. retirement, surviving a spouse, and becoming a caretaker).

At Turning Point Life Coaching what is often referred to as a 'midlife crisis' is viewed as an opportunity for reevaluation and growth, that needn't  become a crisis, trigger for depression or lead to impulsive or outrageous behavior. We can guide and support you as you use this time to reflect deeply on what you've done and what you value in your life. Taking those values, together with your character strengths and your dreams, Turning Point Life Coaching will help you envision what you want  in your future, to enable you to create the life you desire.

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