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Moving to a new area can be either a very exciting transition, a frightening proposition, or both, depending on a number of factors. 

If you are moving in order to meet an important life goal or value, the move might feel primarily positive. If you are moving under duress, such as for a spouse's job or relocation of your own job, it might not feel quite as positive. In addition to how you feel about the specific reason for the move, there are many things that must be planned, things that need to be learned, and adjustments that need to be made. 


Whatever the reason for the relocation, a common issue that arises is the need to establish a new social connections. Determining where and how to meet people can sometimes be challenging, and for some people establishing a new social network can be very intimidating. In addition, some people find it distressing and even overwhelming to have to learn about a new area. While feelings of distress are totally normal in this type of situation, it's also important to be able to move forward with creating a new life.  


 Turning  Point Life Coaching can support and guide you through the adjustment  process, helping you to decide how you want to approach these and any other issues that arise.  Through the coaching process, you can identify your desires, goals, and values, as well as the strengths that you bring to this situation, and armed with a new vision and new strategies, you can to begin to create the life you desire. Contact us to schedule a complimentary coaching session.  

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