Romantic relationships are complicated. Creating and maintaining a great relationship takes knowledge, skills, effort, and a commitment to making it work. If you are in the early stages of a committed romantic relationship, establishing a strong foundation now can help you avoid serious difficulties down the road.  

If you have been with your partner for a while and you have started to feel that the relationship has gotten stale or that your partner takes you for granted, or if you feel like you are missing the type of cooperation, communication and companionship that you need in your relationship, Turning Point Life Coaching can help. Or, if you have successfully maintained a great relationship for a long time, but would like help keeping your relationship strong as you negotiate significant life transitions (e.g. starting a family, mid-life transition, empty next or retirement) or significant life challenges (e.g. illness or disability), Turning Point Life Coaching can assist you with skills and strategies to help manage the changes and issues that can occur.               

Turning Point Life Coaching works with couples in basically sound relationships to: clarify each partner's needs and wants in the relationship; develop practices to help deepen the emotional, spiritual and physical connection; develop a greater sense of mutual support, safety and trust; learn effective communication and good conflict resolution skills; and design strategies together to manage issues and obstacles that may lie ahead.

 Contact Turning Point Life Coaching to schedule a complimentary coaching consultation and to learn how coaching can help strengthen the foundation of your relationship.